2019 Trips in Olympic National Park and the Cascades.

We are now booking trips for Summer (late June-Labor day in September), 2019.

Call  or text us at 425.246.0283 for a low key conversation how NLA might help you.    If you like, we can follow that conversation  with a detailed proposed itinerary, sample menu and a specific price estimate.   Trips most often include 2 guides, 4-7 llamas, freshly cooked excellent meals, safety equipment, permits and insurance, and so forth, and cost about $260-300 per client per day.  Typically trips have a 4 client and 3 day minimum. 

Favorite Trips

The Hoh Rainforest and Alpine meadows of Olympic National Park


We begin in an ancient temperate old growth forest, the ecosystem with more total life than almost anywhere else on earth. We then climb above timberline, where we camp and dine in the high mountain meadows above. These meadows are favorite of humans and llamas alike. If you have four days or more, we can make it all the way to the Blue Glacier and Mt Olympus. Alternatively, we can fly or gear fish for Summer Steelhead in the Hoh river.

The High Divide Route of the Olympic Mountains.


Outstanding wildlife and mountain scenery. Like the Hoh, the route which includes the Sol Duc old growth forest and high country meadows and lakes above treeline. It is also considered a scenic highlight of the Olympic National Park. Due to it's alpine character, only a limited number of overnight camping permits are offered. Llamas, which are mountain animals, step and graze lightly on the land and are allowed up here where horses are not. We'll arrange that for our clients. Hiking the entire High Divide loop is typically take 4 days , but a 2-3 day out and back trip to Deer Lake is also a good option for those with less time 

The Sawtooth Backcountry of Okonagan National Forest in the Cascades.


Hike meadows and Circque Lakes in some of the finest scenery on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. The 4-5 day eagle/Boiling lake loop is a favorite, with about 5 miles and less then 1500 ft elevation per day.  

Custom Trips, Drop Camps and Special events


We also do custom trips, drop camps (e.g. we haul your gear in and out) and Special events, (such as llama weddings and llamas at birthday parties).

Possibly interested? Text or Call : (425) 246-0283 to chat about what might work for you .