Guided Llama Trekking and Camping in Olympic National Park and the Cascades

What We Do


We are a family run business and we provide PhD led biological education in the Northwest’s finest wilderness(s).  Together with our llamas, we haul the load, manage camp and provide great, freshly cooked food in Northwest's finest places.  As time allows, we also provide drop camps & special events (e.g. weddings).    

About Us

Llama Lluxuries


Llamas and humans have a deal based on mutual kindness:  we take them to the meadows they love; they carry our stuff up the mountain and help us spot wildlife. You explore the wilderness with the people you love with less weight on your back.  Unplug and go analog.  Dine of great fresh food.  

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Our Trips


We outfit some of the best areas of Washington state, including the finest wilderness areas of our Olympic National Park such as the Hoh River, the High Divide and the Enchanted Valley.   We also outfit the Sawtooth Backcountry of the Cascades.  

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Email us at or call/txt 425.246.0283 to discuss your schedules and desires.   Based on that,  we send a planned itinerary and sample menus and other information for your consideration.

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Contact Us

Email: and/or Txt/Call @ (425) 246.0283


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