Why Llamas?

A Friend to Help Shoulder the Load


Many llama trekkers have past background in backpacking but, for various reasons, desire assistance in carrying part or all of the load to the wilderness.   Other clients include those new to backcountry trips.  We have led trips containing children as young as three years old.  Llamas can also assist the differently abled to access remote country and live well there.  

The Good Life


Some choose to travel with us because of the special perks in the wilderness: like a guide to cook fresh food, hot coffee, relaxing wine, and/or a comfortable chair to sit in.   Others return year after year for fellowship with this unique working animal.  Llamas have worked in high mountain partnership with humans in the Americas for thousands of years. 

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Three to eight of our experienced and gentle packers join each trip.  They love their job; each is an individual and unique 'person' who receives kindness from humans every day.   

Life in the High Country


In the American high country, llamas become the ultimate 'locovore',  traveling quietly though their mountain habitat with minimal impacts.   Because of their exceptionally keen sharp eyesight and hearing, you will learn a  great deal about what is happening in the wilderness simply by watching them watch the world.