Guides and Llamas

Lead Guide


Rob has a PhD in biological science and and decades of experience in the woods, on trail and in camp.  He has an extensive knowledge of the Olympic and Cascade Ecosystem.   He also has training in safety, including NOLS Wilderness First Aid and is a permitted fishing guide in the areas we outfit.  When not guiding the wilderness, Rob works in higher education as a professor of biology.



Our wranglers and have at least a decade of experience handling llamas. are Red Cross CPR and first aid certified, and have Wilderness Survival and Food Handling certification.  Wranglers provide assistance to clients, guides and llamas alike.



Generally four to seven of our llamas accompany the trip.  Like humans, llamas have a unique personality and enjoy the wilderness.   We are frequently asked if Llamas spit: the answer is that "llama spit like dogs bite" , which is to say that our well trained llamas only very rarely spit and not at humans, who are not in the pecking order.   A few of the regulars are described below.



Big, confident and generally in charge of the herd, 'Dom' always has her eye out for surprises and keeps the llamas in line and on task.



Smaller but athletic, 'Yala' is cool headed and good natured.  She also loves trailers and eating apples and watermelon skins.



Dom's half sister, Leeta is the total package: snappy dresser,  world class athlete and Instagram starlet (@leeta.the.llama)